Over the past 50 years, we have designed mechanical/electrical, plumbing, and fire protection systems for many major museums, libraries, performing arts centers, visitor centers, and historical archives and conservation facilities. We incorporate precision and reliability in temperature and humidity control, noise control, energy efficiency, fire protection, and flexible lighting systems.



We’ve designed systems and renovations for major museums and galleries, including landmark historic buildings.


From historic folios to cutting-edge multimedia, library collections require special care.

Performing Arts

Quiet MEP systems play a key supporting role in stage performances.

Visitor/Conservation Centers

High-performance, low-maintenance environments welcome visitors and support critical conservation work.

Historical Archives

Stringent standards in temperature and humidity control help preserve important collections.


Our MEP and fire protection engineering services help preserve, restore, and protect historic sites and structures.

A Flair for the Arts

Duke University’s Rubenstein Arts Center inspires creativity.

Bravo Performance

The Kennedy Center’s Terrace Theater charms critics and patrons.