From classrooms and laboratories equipped with the latest instructional technology to iconic new performing arts halls, Mueller Associates has engineered major capital projects for many colleges, universities, and private schools. We also support institutions with upgrading and expanding central plants in order to accommodate campus growth.


Science and Technology

Advanced research and laboratory settings benefit from integrated, high-performance MEP systems


Our engineering concepts for academic buildings support productive, student-centered environments

Campus Infrastructure

We have engineered new central plants and infrastructure upgrades for growing campuses with big plans for the future

Performing and Fine Arts

Student talent and creativity shine in dynamic venues for the arts


Mueller’s expertise helps protect resources within welcoming, flexible, and technologically advanced library settings

Business and Law

Sophisticated technology, simulation spaces, and flexible resource areas support advanced instruction

Student Life

We help owners and architects create resourceful settings for student services, as well as residence halls and facilities for student health and wellness

Private Schools

Our portfolio includes MEP engineering for private school buildings and campus infrastructure